JFHA has been successful in partnering with St Mary’s Orphanage, Maria Niketan School, Swiss re & Fiberlink to promote hockey to the under privileged children & the surrounding community. Survey responses from the coaches, volunteers and the players confirmed that JFHA has significantly changed the playing ground from a dump yard prior to 2009 to a proper playing ground.

Since its inception in 2009, JFHA has directly introduced and promoted hockey to over 1400 individuals including students, coaches, volunteers and veterans.

Through the campaigns, events, social and print media, JFHA has been able to create increased awareness in sporting circles, brand recognition, sensitize the community and promote the cause.

JFHA’s backbone is its strong volunteer base. Responses from volunteers indicate that many have joined due to referrals. This denotes JFHA’s ability to attract & retain volunteers.

JFHA has succeeded in being consistent with conducting hockey summer camps for the community children. The steady increase in the number of players registering for the camp year after year has helped JFHA to stay committed and motivated to this activity.

The JFHA training program has transformed the young lives of its players, the community children and especially the underprivileged children of St. Mary's orphanage. JFHA has been successful in conducting regular hockey training programs. The life-skills imparted during the course of training has empowered these children and made a difference in their day to day lives. The nutritious diet, the sporting gear and the opportunity to participate in tournaments has improved their overall health, instilled confidence in themselves and has given them a sense of belonging. The fact that the JFHA players have grown and matured from not only participating in tournaments, but to winning championships and awards, is testimony to the effectiveness of the training programs.

Scouting talent at the grassroots is an important aspect to develop players into champions. During the last two years, JFHA has trained 235 players, of which 35 players have been identified as star players and have been nurtured by JFHA to compete at higher levels.